Zane pitzer

doctor of physical therapy

Helping you overcome injury, optimize your health, and improve performance.


Have you ever felt...

  • You can’t push yourself physically like you once could.

  • Frustrated that this nagging injury just won’t go away.

  • Your body is holding you back from doing the things you love.

  • Overwhelmed with everything you "have" to do in order to be healthy and pain-free.

If so, we’re in the same boat.Growing up, I always felt like my body was invincible. Throughout my high school and college years, I was able to push myself through just about anything without a second thought. No matter what I did and no matter what I ate (or drank), my body was up for the challenge and it never held me back. I could lift, run, surf, and play beach volleyball (nearly all in the same day!) without any consequence the next day.As I’ve moved further away from my indestructible teenage and early twenties, I noticed that this was not the case anymore. Sure, when I was younger I might have woken up with a little bit of muscle soreness from a tough workout the day before, but I never:

  • Felt aches and pains in my joints or tendons.

  • Experienced an injury simply from doing too much.

  • Said “no” to doing something in fear of injuring myself further.

I have now experienced those things…and I know what that disappointment feels like when my body isn't allowing me to do what I want. There was a time where I could do anything without a second thought. That’s just not the world I live in anymore, and that’s okay.Does this mean I’m going to stop being active and never push myself to accomplish something new? Absolutely not. I will never stop being active and you shouldn’t have to either. I just have to be more calculated about how I do it.Pushing your body to and past its limits can have its consequences, but that doesn’t mean you should stop doing it as you get older. I want you to be that person on the 5-day hiking trip who is outpacing people half your age. That’s what I plan on doing. But you won’t get there by doing nothing and you won’t get there by beating yourself into the ground.With my background as a Division 1 (now recreational) athlete and my training as a physical therapist, I have learned what it takes to keep your body functioning at a high level - and I want to help you do the same. It is my goal to help you learn the foundations of how to keep your body healthy and functioning at its highest capacity.No matter your age or athletic background, I am here to help you attain your health and fitness goals.

Are you ready to achieve your body’s full potential?


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Where are you located?
8371 N Military Trail, Suite 104, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410
Do you accept insurance?
I am considered an out of network provider so I do not accept insurance at this time. Depending on your insurance, however, you may be eligible for out of network reimbursement. Enter your insurance information in the toolbar to the bottom right to see what sort of benefits you have.
How much does each visit cost?
Evaluations cost $175 and treatments cost $150. Packages are available for purchase of multiple treatments at $130 per visit. Packages are still eligible for insurance reimbursement depending on your out of network benefits.
How long is each visit?
Each visit will be 55 minutes to allow for clean up and preparation for the next visit.